Monday, March 31, 2014

President Garfield Nose Thumber Antique Campaign Charm

Estimated Price: $400 - $620
Description: This is a little figure of Garfield on the campaign trail, and he looks quite stately and then thumbs his nose at the opposition! The arm slides out subtly to put forth the surprising expression. This piece has great detail on either side, with Garfield's name marked on his tall hat. It appears to be brass, and is 1 1/2 inches tall. Its condition is excellent for its age, and it functions smoothly. The hole on top is for a chain, to be worn as a charm, or pin.This is a fun U.S. presidential campaign item, and it will be a treat for any political collector.

by Universal Live Auctions

April 12, 2014, 11:00 AM CST | Wheeling, IL, US

Friday, March 28, 2014

Abraham Lincoln Black American Postcard

Really nice Abraham Lincoln Black American Postcard.

Auctioned off by 

by Burns Auction & Appraisal, LLC.

March 30, 2014, 1:00 PM EST | Lancaster, OH, US

"The Great Emancipator"

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Movie fans for Obama Political Pin on The Political Memorabilia Exchange

Really cool "Clockwork Orange" political pin.  Sold on the Political Memorabilia Exchange.  Movie fans for Obama.  What a neat pin.  I missed it.

Check out The Political Memorabilia Exchange on Facebook.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

US Americana new Listing: McKINLEY AND PROSPERITY pinback

Beautiful Political Pinback


Pinback button promoting William McKinley for president, 1900. 1 1/4" cello in excellent condition with Whitehead & Hoag Co. Newark NJ backpaper. A classic, graphic design which features McKinley as a rising son over factories and a pastoral scene.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Hake #2015. 7/8" with tiny age mark on W&H paper. Celluloid is NM displaying Mint. Hake 2004 guide value of $850.00,

What a magnificent item.  Over $500 bid at hake's auction.

Whig Nominations Political Broadside

Whig Nominations Political Broadside. C. 1854. A Syracuse, NY Collection. 29 1/2" x 21 1/2"

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Hake's Americana is auctioning off this rare and beautiful Lincoln 1863 Emancipation Proclamation badge.  Hit $3000 bid on Tuesday with 6 days left.  What a beauty.

 Description from the Auction:  The first time we offered this historic badge in Auction #185 it came to us via a 1999 Sotheby's auction of the collection of famed numismatist and 1877 pioneering cataloger of Lincoln items Andrew Zabriskie (1853-1916). This example has similar provenance originating from the F.C.C. Boyd estate, then the collection of Wayte Raymond, and then John J. Ford, Jr. The badge is 1-13/16" tall embossed silvered brass with the pin and clasp intact. Lincoln's profile portrait is within a circle embossed with the inscription "EMANCIPATION/JAN 1 1863." The finish is silvery gray with some darker coloration on the upper two thirds of Lincoln's portrait and surrounding background as well as the star point and rays above. The Zabriskie example we handled had similar toning all over the badge. The Stacks Bower catalog acknowledged the rarity and importance of this piece and referenced the Sotheby's sale of the Zabriskie example we offered in Auction #185 when it realized in excess of $3,500.00. Unlisted in DeWitt although listed as King-231. Only the second example known to us. Includes Ford's notated paper envelope and labeled plastic holder from Stacks Bowers auction Sept. 19-20, 2013. (L - $2000 to $5000)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Listings on Political Parade has just added over 25 new items for sale including Bush, McKinley, Parker, Taft and a few pre-1896 campaign clothing buttons.

A special link for the newest items on our web-site:
                            *New Listings*

We are actively buying collections and accumulations. Please let us know if you have anything to sell! If you are on Facebook, please visit to join the group by searching for “PoliticalParade” to receive special previews and other info.

Also, please visit our eBay store “PoliticalParade” for 2100 more items:
                              *Political Parade eBay Store*

We will be attending this upcoming show, feel free to ask for info:

April 4-5, Indianapolis Crossroads of America Civil War & Political Show – Fri 4pm – 8pm, Sat9am – 4pm, BGHS, 5330 Hornet Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46107


Michael J. McQuillen

Announcement: Arizona Political Items Collectors Show/Sale

Hi fellow collectors and friends,
If you wish to be removed from this mailing, please just reply to this email and say REMOVE! I will update immediately. If there are people you think may like to know about our show, please send me their email addresses and I will add them if not already on the list.
We are less than 2 weeks away from the Spring Show March 22nd  
If you have not already - Please reserve your tables ASAP.
We have a lot of print advertising for this show – AZ Republic, EV Tribune, Spring Training publication, several well-circulated senior citizen newsletters and lots of web ads and calendar of event inclusions – we hope to have much more public attendance.
If anyone attending the show has a family member/friend that could take care of the registration table, we could use a volunteer. We want to be sure to get contact info for all attendees and find out how they heard about the show.
Auction:   I have posted the items that have been committed so far at the following website (link below). I have a jpeg of each lot as well as Powerpoint and pdf versions of the entire auction. Some of the lots are photos of color scans that were sent to me. The actual items will be available for preview at the show.
I still may be able to add a couple more quality lots or we can add lots to the silent auctions. Please call me to discuss or send me pictures/descriptions of the items you would like to put into the auction ASAP.
Dinner: The last couple years several of us have gone to dinner together a night or two before the show. This year it looks like Thursday evening- so if you are interested and would like to join us, please let me know ASAP. We will go to Abuelo’s.
Room/Hotel Hopping: The last couple of years people have been hitting the various rooms you are staying in ahead of the show. Please let me know when you will arrive and where you will be and I will circulate info!
Legacy Americana clearance sale: Victor is down-sizing his inventory and he will have a lot of wonderful items available for this show – be there!!
Attached files:  The AZPIC Newsletter from my brother is attached – please read!
I also attached a flier we use for antique shows etc. Please post and distribute!!
We look forward to seeing you!!!! Ron and Martha
Arizona Political Items Collectors Show/Sale
Come see the old, new and everything in between!
Pinbacks – Ribbons – Medals – Posters – Postcards – Suffrage – Cause – Protest – Sports – Advertising - Military
Buy – Sell – Trade
Walk in auctions
Spring Show: Sat., March 22, 2014
 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
9-10 am for set-up, 3-4 pm for pack-up
Do not come early as we cannot get in until 9am.
Auction will be around 1pm 
$10.00 per table for APIC members
Contacts: Ron Puechner 480 577-9575
Jim Puechner 480 830-5305
Mountain View Lutheran Church
Family Life Center/Gym
11002 S. 48th St
Phoenix, AZ 85044
Here is a map:
Baseball - Cactus League schedule link:

American Political and Historical Items Collectors (APIC) Show/Exhibition at our National Convention

Collectors and Dealers from all over the U.S in attendance Hundreds of tables of wonderful historical collectibles.
You will never see exhibits like this in any museum!

If you like ANTIQUES ROADSHOW and AMERICAN PICKERS, check out this convention!!

Pin backs -- Ribbons -- Medals -- Posters -- Postcards -- Suffrage -- Cause -- Protest -- Sports -- Advertising - Military - Western Memorabilia - Antiques - Collectibles - Pop Culture

Contacts for information:
Ron Puechner (480) 577-9575     Tom Berg (719) 527-0007

Where: Crowne Plaza Denver International Airport Hotel
15500 E. 40th Ave., Denver, CO 80239
For information/registration/reservations and complete schedule please see Bandwagon ads, the APIC website and our Facebook site – copy of schedule attached to this email
Our Generous Denver 2014 Sponsors:
Anderson Americana       Heritage Auctions     Hakes Americana and Collectibles
US Americana     Rex Stark      The Political Bandwagon  
Old Politicals    Hal Ottaway
Nixon Presidential Library Show
May 3, 2014 (Saturday)
 The All California Nixon Library Show will be May 3rd, 2014 (Saturday) at the Nixon Presidential Library, 18001 Yorba Linda Blvd., Yorba Linda, CA 92886. Our venue is a spectacular exact replica of the East Room of the White House. Public hours: 10am to 3pm. Library/show admission: seniors (62 +) $8.50; adults $11.95.   Get your coupon for $6 off admission from our Bandwagon ad, our postcard mailer or contact me.  Free parking.   Dealer 8 ft tables $25 / 6 ft tables $20.  Our 2012 & 2013 Nixon shows kept auctioneer Tom French hopping with Seattle Rules walk-in material.  See Nixon’s birthplace, grave, and the helicopter from which he famously waved goodbye to the nation.   For information:  Bob Banwart 909-624-5297 or

Monday, March 10, 2014

For sale: Rudy Boschwitz Pin. Republican from MN Political Pin

Nice Rudy Boschwitz Campaign Pin. Republican from MN 1979-1991. 3" $10 
numbered 11937
Paypal add $2.00 shipping

APIC member #17007
We buy and broker political collections!

Announcement: Political Memorabilia & Militaria Brokerage services

I am pleased to announce The Todd Klimson Political Memorabilia & Militaria Brokerage services.  I will broker your political, historical, antique and militaria collections.  We simply add 10% on top of your  asking price.  I will list your collection or item on over 25 major collecting and antique sites FOR FREE!!  I do not get paid unless I sell your items or item.  Please email full details (name, phone number, pictures of items, description, asking price) and I will send over our agreement to market your collection.  We have 1000's of connections to buyers of militaria, political memorabilia, and antiques.  You never release the item(s) until cash is in your hand.  If you sell the item by yourself you owe me nothing.

Todd Klimson

Sarasota, FL 34238


For Sale: George P. Bush for Texas Land Commissioner Political Buttons

Nice set of Political Pins from the George P. Bush Texas Land Commissioner.  This was from his first campaign for political office.  As P. gets to prominence these will surely go up in Value.  Possible Presidential Candidate perhaps?

$10 each postage paid.  2 different variations.  352-292-2736

I have several of each variation.

Friday, March 7, 2014

1884 Political Poster for Republican Candidates - Blaine and Logan

1884 Political Poster for Republican Candidates James Blaine for President and John Logan for Vice President, The Nation's Choice. Beautiful color and graphics. Minor darkening at bottom and some paper loss on right side otherwise very good condition. Framed under glass. 16 X 22 inches.

Up for auction on Live Auctioneers.

50 Years Hence: Reviewing LBJ’s War on “Transitional Living”

50 Years Hence: Reviewing LBJ’s War on “Transitional Living”

Social Democratic Party of the US Campaign Button

This is such an interesting political pin I had to post it.  Seems quite rare since the last one we could find sold in 1991 for $505.  The Social Democratic Party of the US as founded by Eugene Debs in 1898. SDP became Socialist Party of America.  

Liberty, Fraternity, Equality S.D.P.

For inquiries on pins call 352-292-2736.  We also broker collections and valuable political Memorabilia.