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German WWII Luftschutz 3 Piece Gladiator Helmet

Original era manufacture. Standard Luftschutz helmet with a satin blue finish and a nice original decal at front. Mostly complete, size 58.

Authentic original three-piece Gladiator Luftschutz German Nazi Helmet.  Missing inner part of liner.

Members of the Air Protection Warning Service (Luftschutzwarndienst) were required to purchase (from their own funds) a light-weight helmet that bore a distinct winged decal insignia on the front.  Retail outlets were available to volunteers where helmets could be obtained.  Most Luftschutzwarndienst helmets (particularly gladiator style helmets) also contained a small decal under the rear rim of the helmet that denoted head size and price.

$250 plus shipping $12.95 (US fee) .  For international shipping please get quote before purchasing. 

352-292-2736 paypal.

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