Political Memorabilia & Militaria Brokerage services

We will broker your political, historical, antique and militaria collections.  We simply add 10% on top of your asking price.  We list your collection on over 25 major collecting and antique sites FOR FREE!!  We do not get paid unless we sell your items or item.  Please email full details (name, phone number, pictures of items, description, asking price) and I will send over our agreement to market your collection.  We have 1000's of connections to buyers of militaria, political memorabilia, and antiques.  You never release the item(s) until cash is in your hand.  If you sell the item by yourself you owe us nothing.

Todd Klimson

Ocala, FL 34471


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  1. Hello. I recently came across the "front" of a Hoag and Whitehead patented 12.94 celluloid (it appears) button of George Washington kneeling in the woods at Valley Forge. It is inscribed across the top "Patriotic Order of America."The decoration is detailed and full color. There are soldiers and horses through the trees in the background. The border of the button is encircled with bold-toned swirled metal. I haven't attempted to clean it up, and would considered the condition, except that the back is missing to be good to ...very good. My question is...is this worth turning over to you for sale? Do I need to perform repairs 1st? Please reply if you're interested. Thank you.