Monday, November 15, 2010

I want your Political Collectibles & Memorabilia

Do you have political collectibles to sell? Memorabilia? I want it, and I will buy it. Foreign Political Memorabilia.  Any year, any era, I'm interested. Any cause or political party.

Things I will buy:

* Memorabilia from each presidential campaign
* Jugates
* Pinback buttons
* Single Political Party (Democrat, Republican, Socialist, etc)
* Single-day event buttons
* Coattails
* Political items with advertising tie-in
* 3-D items
* Locals (Governors, Senators, non-presidential)
* Women Suffrage movement
* Prohibition movement
* Social causes
* Civil Rights
* Yard signs: Rubio Senate especially
* Convention passes
* Newspapers
* Political Posters
* Foreign Political memorabilia wanted

Call me and tell me what you have.

Todd Klimson
1 (352) 292-2736

Sarasota, FL

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